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Discover S2F Creator Plan B’s Prediction: Bask in Sub-$40K Bitcoin Before It Skyrockets

Is Bitcoin Set to Rise Above $40K? Plan B’s S2F Model Hints So

Notable analyst of the Bitcoin market, Willy Woo, recently indicated a possible bullish trend for the cryptocurrency. He believes that the value of Bitcoin is unlikely to fall below the $30K benchmark. Plan B, the anonymous researcher behind the popular S2F (Stock-to-Flow) price model, echoes this sentiment, hinting that the “sub-$40K Bitcoin” period might not last much longer.

At present, Bitcoin’s market value hovers just shy of $38K. The mood in the community is highly positive, with many looking forward to an upward price trajectory. Expert from Matrixport, Markus Thielen, had this very opinion earlier this week. He confidently expressed that Bitcoin’s leap past the $40K barrier could be imminent. This prediction follows Binance’s recent settlement with the Department of Justice from the United States. Thielen’s team predicts a high likelihood – about 80% – of Bitcoin crossing $40K by the end of this year.

Plan B’s Views on The Impending Rise

Seconding Thielen’s predictions, Plan B anticipates a similar price surge. On November 24, he sent out a cryptic message to crypto enthusiasts, advising them to relish the “sub-$40K Bitcoin … while it lasts.” Upon being asked about the potential price drops, Plan B related his reluctance to participate in the risky game of “Picking Up Pennies In Front Of A Steamroller.” Instead, he made his expectations clear – the world can look forward to a substantial rise in Bitcoin’s market value

I see Bitcoin average price anywhere between $100K-$1M during the 2024-2028 halving cycle. Thus, it at least promises a 3x increase from the current standing. – Plan B

Bitcoin proponent Dan Held reiterated Plan B’s anticipation, expressing his belief that Bitcoin’s value below $40K won’t linger for an extended period. In fact, one Bitcoin aficionado even called these sub-$40K prices a “gift.” To provide more context, Plan B presented a chart depicting Bitcoin’s realized price. The chart attests to a pattern of resurgence with each time it meets with the five-month realized price marker. According to his analysis, the current price line closely touches the five-month realized price line. This situation happened in the past too, and each time, it hinted at a significant price increase.

The views from Plan B align with those of Willy Woo, who previously shared a cost density map for Bitcoin’s potential future prices. His analysis suggested that if the trends continue, it might be the end of Bitcoin values dipping below $30K.

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Plan B’s views on Bitcoin pricing under $40K won’t last longer – do you agree with his assessment? We look forward to learning about your perspectives.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is S2F Creator Plan B’s prediction for Bitcoin’s price?

Plan B predicts that Bitcoin’s price will initially drop below $40,000 before experiencing a substantial increase.

2. Who is S2F Creator Plan B?

S2F Creator Plan B is a pseudonymous analyst and cryptocurrency enthusiast who gained recognition for developing the stock-to-flow (S2F) model to predict Bitcoin’s price.

3. What is the stock-to-flow (S2F) model?

The stock-to-flow (S2F) model is a mathematical formula that measures the scarcity of an asset by comparing its existing stock (amount currently available) with its annual production flow (rate of new supply). It has been applied to Bitcoin to predict future price trends.

4. Why does Plan B believe Bitcoin’s price will drop below $40,000?

According to Plan B’s S2F model, Bitcoin’s price follows a cyclical pattern, and a temporary decrease below $40,000 is expected as part of this cycle before a significant upward surge.

5. Is Plan B’s prediction widely accepted in the crypto community?

Plan B’s prediction and the S2F model have garnered both support and skepticism within the crypto community. While some view it as a reliable predictive tool, others argue that it oversimplifies the complexities of the market and fails to account for various factors.

6. What factors could potentially cause Bitcoin to skyrocket after the predicted decrease?

Several factors may contribute to a potential surge in Bitcoin’s price after the projected dip, including increased adoption, institutional investment, favorable regulatory developments, and general market sentiment.

7. Should investors take Plan B’s prediction into consideration?

Investors should consider multiple sources of information and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. While Plan B’s prediction has gained attention, it should be viewed as one perspective among many when assessing the outlook for Bitcoin’s future price movements.